Mahari Yared Development Company was founded on a vision that recognizes the value of the intertwining of art, sound and life in our places of work and residence.

We believe that residential housing in the affordable marketplace shouldn’t be boring and builder-grade. A stable environment in affordable quality housing is essential for nation-building and raising the next generation of thinkers and innovators in our communities. Our housing aims to create and unforgettable artistic and creative experience for each tenant. Our designs include original contemporary art, customs designs, eco-friendly finishes and and an audio-visual theater or modern museum-like experience for each tenant at a fraction of the cost of similarly situated housing.

With a distinguished track record, we continuously provide a sizable return on equity and are looking to grow and scale our current design ideas to provide luxury housing at affordable rents throughout Philadelphia.

We also offer contractor services including residential and commercial construction services, design services, interior design services and real estate consulting services for local developers, homeowners and business owners.